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Mastermind - Polypad - Mathigon
Virtual Manipulatives for Mathematics Classrooms: polygons, number and algebra tiles, fraction bars, tangram, pentominoes, and more.


Player 1 creates a four-digit code using the numbers 1-6 and hides code behind the green rectangle. You may decide whether to repeat the digits or not in the code. No repetition is recommended for younger students.

Player 2 - the "Code Breaker"- starts with a guess by dragging the number cards to the first row.

Player 1 evaluates the guess by coloring the four rectangles next to each row. Use the color selector at the bottom of the Polypad.

Each Red rectangle means a guess is correct and also at the right place.

Each Blue rectangle means a guess is correct, but not at the right place.

A gray square represents an incorrect guess.

The Code Breaker has 10 guesses to guess the code correctly and earn 4 red squares. Players can now compare the guess with the code behind the green block.

Sample game