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Polypad Templates

Below are links to template canvasses in Polypad. To use a canvas, save a copy to your library. Copy and pasting parts of a template onto a blank canvas works as well. Click here to learn more.


Pattern Blocks

Pattern Blocks – Polypad

Pentomino and Tetromino Set

Pentomino Set – Polypad
Tetromino Set – Polypad

Tangram Set and Magic Egg Set

Tangram and Magic Egg – Polypad


1-100 Chart in Number Cards

1-100 Chart – Polypad
1-100 Chart B – Polypad

Number Bars and 1-100 Tray

1-100 Rod Trays – Polypad

Some Number Lines

Number Lines – Polypad

Prime Factors

Prime Factors – Polypad
1-100 Primes – Polypad

Multiplication Grid

Multiplication Grid – Polypad

Rekenrek - Red and White

Rekenrek: Red and White – Polypad

Pascal's Triangle in Number Cards and Prime Factor Circles

Pascals Triangle – Polypad
Pascal Primes – Polypad


Fraction Wall

Fraction Wall – Polypad

Full Fraction Circles

Fraction Circles – Polypad


100 Dice

100 Dice – Polypad


100 Pairs of Dice – Polypad


100 Coins – Polypad
100 Pairs of Coins – Polypad
50 sets of 3 coins – Polypad


2 Spinners – Polypad

Playing Cards

Playing Card Templates – Polypad